Try these simple guidelines to grow your own at home.

The soil 

The soil must be dark brown in colour and moist to touch; the loose dry type of sand wont do it. I normally mix store bought soil with home soil to get it ready.

Using portable planters 

These can be anything from normal pot plants, glass Mason jars, old coffee tins or wooden crates/pallets or even old tyres. I prefer them because you can move it around and looking out for pests is in your control.

Start easy 

I know you are very determined and would love to start with every veg and herb you can find, but start with only one or two. Just to get a feel for gardening(if it’s your first time) and also should you have challenges and have to throw away your crops, it wont be a very big waste.


Live sustainable 

Recycling and living green is the way forward and you can join in on the movement. Save any peels or egg shells from chopping vegetables and using eggs and start your own compost hole in the garden. Composting will naturally add minerals and vitamins to the soil making it good to use for planting.

DO NOT throw away seeds from vegetables like butternut, pumpkins or even tomatoes…keep those seeds and re-plant them to grow in your garden.

These are but a few start up guidelines. A more comprehensive guide will be available soon.

For now, happy gardening!