Hang outs

What I did (ate) on my staycation

I was out and about while on leave. To fill you in I’m originally from the western cape a small town called Worcester and a few times a year I go there when taking some of my annual leave.

So I decided to try out some of the places my sister always raves about when we have a weekly/monthly talks. Let me tell you a bit about my sister: she loves travelling, being extra and will find a hidden eatery that you didn’t know existed. All of them being good hangouts.

Before I go any further this is not a review or advertisement for the mentioned places, it’s just my opinion on what I experienced.

First up was a authentic Thai restaurant that’s in the mall Worcester has (yes guys it has a mall). I ate too much sushi and I don’t regret it and mind you there some shrimp roses missing from that picture because it arrived only later.

Next stop was a place called Oustokery. Its a bit on the outskirts of town but if you like tripping on the road it won’t be a problem. I had the beef, brie and onion burger (without the onions because they not my favorite) which came with chips. As a burger lover it got my thumbs up and the potatoes for the chips still had their skin so yay to more fibre.

Home and food goes together so I daily indulged in mother’s home cooking; treated the family to my own kind of butter chicken for one night. The cherry on everything was mother’s famous pudding on Sunday with homemade custard (let’s all take a sec and appreciate our cooking mothers right here).

I thoroughly enjoyed the home nespresso machine after buying the capsules, and then next to food, home is also our dogs. In between their tantrums and tricks I got to snap them as well.

For a week on holiday I think I rested and ate enough to return to work life.



  1. Jonathan says:

    Absolutely a joy reading and passing by on your journey

  2. Melanie Zeeman says:

    Thank you so much Jonathan!!

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