The body speaks

I always find it pleasant and uplifting when I surround myself with people that can inspire me to write blog post. This instance is no different. 

I was once again amongst some cool friends of mine and as usual they got talking about their bodies and how they are feeling and more specifically how they were eating their bodies  especially close to that pms time of the month. And I heard one of them saying something simple yet so true and important – “I guess I just need to listen to my body” and I immediately filled the sentenced because your body speaks. 

And to some extent things started to make sense to me. Our body’s are really well oiled machines that will literally tell us what is wrong and what we need to do if we just tune in and listen to it. The cravings, the aches, the moods, all of them tells us what we need to know. 

your body speaks the loudest in times of need

The listening to your body is the first step but how you respond is your responsibility. And this is normally where we will either make or break our healthy habits. To make it personal, I have been trying diligently to make good carb choices; choosing ones with fibre and attempting one starch per meal you know that sort of thing. I responded with what the rules say  and not with what my body wanted. It just wanted carbohydrates that’s it. And after giving my body what it wanted, I felt the freedom that came with no pressure. Which led me to  realise that  

the rules are good, but they can be bent 

I would normally have a packed lunch and set out meal and snack plan – but I lately include free flow days. Where I would pack snacks and my lunch but not eat at the times I normally would, waiting for the cue from my body to eat. And not just that, feeling whether it should be something big, something small, light or heavy.  And I must say, for someone who is so used to having everything set out, it was refreshing to have this change. Like I said, it does not happen every day I still make sure that I prepare properly 90% of the time. 

A few other things I fine tuned my ear to when my body speaks is 

Thirst cues – 100% of the time when we want to (not need to) eat something it is because we are thirsty and not actually hungry. Whenever you want to eat something  drink water first to quench the thirst. 

Food cravings – your body knows what is lacking and what you need before you do. Cravings for vegetables is not just more cravings, it means your body is in need of a vitamin and mineral boost and please do respond to it. Especially if the craving persists.

The exposure – especially the environment I work in daily. I loathe germs. You will for sure find hand sanitiser and wipes in my bag as we speak. What we expose and put our body’s through daily whether it is at work or what we do after hours adds up to more than we bargain for. Listen carefully on when you need to rest and unwind. Whether its form technology, from work, going for a massage or taking up a new hobby to relieve stress do it. Your body will thank you later. Side note – rest before you get to the point of being tired and burned out. 

Mild aches and stiffness what works for me is always a quick walk; not even 10 minutes. Especially for lower back and period pains. Another thing I loathe is drinking tablets. I will do anything before taking tablets and walking and doing stretches is whats been working for me.

Routine is not just for newborns and infants – Sometimes your body and mind just want structure as well. Find ways to bring order to your day or change the order or way you have been doing things. Frustration is usually a good sign to change things around a bit. Go to bed earlier; try a new recipe; shift your appointments; all in the name of clearing your mind and helping your body.


Im sure there are many more things our body’s are telling us. Take it one day at a time and don’t be too hard on yourself. 

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