Start one habit at a time

I’ve been preparing this initiative (for lack of a better word) for some time now, if your a keen MLife follower you would know. I realised I have been talking about having good habits and changing lifestyles without actually being practical about it. And so the 21 day habit changes guidelines started.

Let me make this clear to you guys, the 21\90 rule is not my own brainchild. I’ve taken the concept and used it to drive this initiative, the guidelines and experiences however is my own.

I’ve started with 3 common habits ( series 1) which is reducing your added sugar intake, controlling starch portions and improving physical activity. The aim is to help you change some of your own habits as well so please feel free to adopt your own healthy habits.

To get started like the MLifestyle Facebook page (if you do not already) or just follow the link to Lifestyle habit one.

Alternatively you can also comment your email on the habit changing blog post to get a fuller Guideline booklet having all 3 habits and a habit tracking tool. Your diary or a simple notebook can also be used to track habits just note the day and your food/drink intake everyday for 21 days.

It will be awesome for us to keep track of our progress together so keep a look out for follow up posts on the Facebook page (hence liking the Facebook page is useful).

With that said our first of 21 days start tomorrow 11 August 2018.

I specifically did not choose a Monday because let’s face it, some of y’all been starting since last week monday. And I’m also trying to break the cycle that you need to start something on a Monday. Any day is good to start to anything.

For extra motivation or insight read the information page on 21\90 habit change.

I sincerely hope this will help you change your habits for the good of your health. As always I am available on various social media platforms (menu >contact) for any feedback, comments or questions.

And remember #itsalifestyle.



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  1. nastassja fredericks says:

    Ek wag vir die ander habits, sis lol. hoekom tik die ding in caps? jy weet ek het grammar en punctuation issues lol

  2. Melanie says:

    Lol die tassja. Habit two is coming THIS WEEK

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