Cravings. We all got them and we all (well some of us), cannot really hide from them. Its those tiny voices that hangs around in our brains and demands that we pay them attention and eat what the voice say we must.

a Craving is usually a message from your body to your brain wanting something specific. I call it a want because we half of the time do not need it. But its not just a normal want, its an intense, strong desire to get that specific substance. Whatever it may be whether its chocolate, gummy worms, biscuits (I’m sure you can tell I have sugar problem).

PICA on the other hand, is a craving for a substance with no nutritional value. Non whatsoever. They more common in pregnant women and can be anything from soil, clay, paper to ice or soap. Im not even kidding.

Cravings in general means your body is lacking a specific vitamin or mineral; so its usually treated with a multivitamin and general nutrition. But a PICA on the other hand could possibly mean psychological intervention is needed as well. Especially if it is persistent and uncontrolled.

Please seek professional medical help should you require it.