Fibre. One of the most important substance we love to hate. Me included I had to learn to love fibre.

But with health benefits such reducing total cholesterol, preventing and helping with constipation and reducing the risk of developing Coronary heart disease, strokes and diabetes, one can’t help but to add them to your daily dietary intake.

An adult needs about 30g per day to reap the full health benefits if fibre.

30g of fibre seems like alot, but it is achievable. Daily try to

  • Have a breakfast with fibre
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily
  • Have starchy vegetables such as potatoes and sweet potatoes with skin.
  • Lentil, chickpeas, split peas and beans are all high in fibre and can be eaten daily.
  • Brown starches such as brown rice, bran bread and whole wheat pasta have Mr fibre than white pastas, rice’s and breads/rolls.

These are but a few guidelines to get you started on eating more fibre daily.