What is normally used for detoxing the outside like face masks and body scrubs, has become a trend in the nutrition field to detox on the inside as well.

Activated charcoal unlike the charcoal we use for a braai, or to have good skin, is exposd to extremely high temperatures that increases its porosity. Meaning it’s absorptive abilities is high and magnet like causing it to bind to substances.

The claims

Activated charcoal is not absorbed itself, it stays behind then passes through the digestive tract binding onto toxins. Hence people are using it for detoxing purposes.

It claims to take up things that we are  exposed to daily like chemicals, pollutions and ‘toxins’. But in my opinion, we all have a detoxing system well equipped to do that namely liver and kidneys.

The health risks…

Activated charcoal does not know the difference between said toxins and the good stuff so with its binding ability, it takes vitamins, minerals and nutrients with it which can lead to possible nutrient deficiencies.

Not just that, an opinion from me personally, my body is not made to be getting rid of charcoal from the inside and secondly (my personal favorite) there is no scientific based science that support the claims made and no research has been done to substantiate these claims as well.

In a nutshell

Don’t trust any claims a health or nutrition trend is making. The logic is so simple: you have a working detox system already and the risk for getting nutrient deficiencies is too big to play with.