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The best thing for me about my holiday is the fact that I do not have to worry about what’s for breakfast, lunch and supper. That’s my mother’s department. Not that it’s a worry, just making sure food is there is more the deal.

Amongst the chats and laughs and everything in between I decided to let you into her kitchen, especially over the Christmas day eats. For a few years this has been the approach my mother took to preparing Christmas day lunch. No fuss. No mess. No extravagance. Just plain, simple and delicious.

Mother decides on platters every year. One for the famous meats like gammon, tongue and cocktail viennas; the second one is my favorite since it’s a salad platter made up of fresh salad veggies and fruits (new addition she shocked us with this year).

To complete our lunch, we had a fish starter, a noodle salad on the side and for dessert mom’s famous rum and raisin tart. P.s the recipes is on the site as well (menu 》》recipes) .

My sister also spoiled us big time with her annual Christmas Eve cheese table (that’s legit what we named it). It’s a treat of hers that just gets better and better every year and this year was no different.

I don’t why she started but I’m Grateful. A table full of a variety cheese to overeat from? count me in twice please.

The cheeses used for her table was a Camembert, cream cheese with sweet chilli sauce and a semi cream cheese with pepper roll.  

Althought the cheese was the stars of the night, to make it more wholesome she added biltong, droewors, fajita wraps and mini chicken pies to the table.


All in all my mom’s kitchen delivered some good food. It’s good for when you also have a lot of people over or when you want to spoil the family with something nice and out of the ordinary.

The recipes for the starter, rum and raisin tart and tips from my sister’s cheese table is available on site under recipes.




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