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Mindful Eating

No it does not involve eating when you have a full mind.

To be mindful means you are fully aware of what you are eating; including the decisions you make regarding meals and snacks. Its also called intuitive eating – eating based on intuition instead of the repetitive motion that you just need to get done.

Eating has become so inherent in our daily lives that we forget to be mindful about it, or even pay attention to it. Breakfast is just breakfast and supper is just supper; no thought is put into it. And I myself am guilty of it

Bringing mindfulness into eating – its the state of full attention to and alertness to your eating and the decisions that leads to it. It becomes more about the experience than the thought of “ok I need to eat again”. It is a shift from thinking about food to enjoying food.

Because it is easy to think about food and eat food without actually enjoying it

Mindful eating involves maintaining overall health and well being which in turn, help you gain control over your eating habits and meal pattern. Other benefits include

  • reduce the risk of binge eating
  • reduces anxious thoughts about food and what you eat
  • minimises outside triggers like your environment influencing what you eat
  • cravings is kept to a minimum

Where do you start with mindful eating?

Start with one meal per day. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to do this with every meal everyday. It is also good to take a minute about thinking of the actual meal instead of rushing the planning and preparation. Mindful eating involves you asking yourself: am I truly hungry? or is it just thirst? Is it nourishing my body? when last did I eat something that nourishes?

The main goal with mindful eating is to move away from eating being a built-in reflex to making you more aware of the actual eating. As long as you start bringing awareness into what you doing you have more control on the decisions.

But once something is done automatically there is no thought put into it. The decision is already made

My goal is always to try have at least one meal that fits the so-called “healthy criteria”. You know – including your veggies, using better cooking methods, keeping the sugar to a minimum. But even this for me has become an automatic response nowadays. And my focus is to “listen more to what the body actually needs” instead of giving it what I think it wants.

As much as I am always trying to help you, I have to help myself first :). Below is just a infograph as to what you should keep in mind when it comes to mindful eating.


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