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Insulin resistance

You have heard of sugar/diabetes but what is insulin resistance or pre diabetes? How does it influence your everyday health and most importantly, how do you manage it from here.

Before answering these questions we need to get the background info first….

What is insulin? 

Insulin is a hormone the body makes to help control glucose (sugar) levels.

What does it do?

After eating, our sugar levels is slightly raised. It is the important job of insulin to bring it back down to normal. Insulin basically acts as the key your body cells need to allow glucose inside to either be used for fuel or stored away as fat (oops!).

Insulin resistance is when your body cells lost or have reduced sensitivity to recognize insulin resulting in glucose staying behind and piling up in the bloodstream because they are not entering my the cells.

Insulin resistance is diagnosed by a medical doctor after doing multiple glucose tests (fasting and glucose tolerance tests).

Risk factors that contribute to development of insulin resistance include a high calorie diet, hypertension, overweight/obesity and having a high waist measurement.

It is treatable with medication as prescribed by your doctor but mild changes in your lifestyle also contributes to increasing your cells ability to be more sensitive to insulin.

Where to from here

The main goal now, from a nutritional perspective, is to help your body by controlling the glucose you allow in. So….

  1. Carbohydrate controlled dietary intake is highly recommended. The main element carbohydrates get digested into is glucose, so controlling your carbs means you will better control blood glucose.
  2. Choose wholegrain/fibre rich sources of carbohydrates. When eating these starches, blood glucose is released more slowly and controlled.
  3. Minimise or reduce any form of added sugar daily
  4. Move more by doing 30 minutes exercise daily.
  5. Mild to moderate weight loss also shows good benefits to managing insulin resistance.

Have a look at some of the basics to help with lifestyle changes by means of guidelines and Snacks/portion guide.

Should you feel you need further assistance, please consult your health professionals.

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