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Healthy school lunches

For some parents it’s ok to grab anything and pack that as lunch, for some it’s important to spend time in making sure lunch is wholesome. Either way, packing lunch to school for your child is important.

P.s this applies for the working adults as well.

The reason for a good school lunch is it helps with concentration and keeps the energy levels level. Not rushed or slagging but at a good pace to ensure good cognitive function.

Just imagine yourself at work. If you don’t eat or do not take lunch to work, your energy levels goes down and you essentially wish the day is over. The same goes for children going to school – without a good lunch they will feel the same slagging feeling we feel as adults.

So I decided to share a few easy tips on how to make or prepare a healthy school lunch

Start with breakfast 

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. And to make sure they start their day well, give them breakfast everyday.

Have a good balance of food groups daily. 

These food groups are your starch, proteins,fat and I want to add dairy as well. Combined they will provide energy, build strong bones and build muscles daily.

Avoid adding sugary treats as part of the lunch

Not only will the sugar rush tire them out more, the poor teachers will have to struggle with 30+ sugar rushes at a time.

Pack a water bottle or diluted fruit juice instead of fizzy drinks, fruit juice or energy drinks. 

Case in point – the sugar rushes.

Be creative with your lunches 

Cut the bread in different shapes; try new things at least once a week to keep it exciting and also try to take note of your kids favorite foods to eat and consider packing those for lunch. Try some homemade spreads to add onto the bread. Read up on Homemade spreads  ideas.

Lastly, a packed lunch is always the healthier option.

You can ask the school whether or not they have a nutrition policy especially with regards to the tuck shop and what they are selling.

As always you interaction is appreciated 🙂

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