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Happy holiday eating

Its holiday season. And there is food (glorious food) everywhere you will go this season. At grandma’s house; at your aunt’s house and let’s face it, it is quite rude and impolite to decline any eats offered to you.

I caught up with some of my friends and asked them what they wanted you guys to know about staying healthy this festive season.

Because we would not want to see your hard work throughout the year be wasted. Here’s what they said….


Do not over eat; control your portions

 – Chamorisihia Joubert, RD (SA)

This is the single most important guide to have. To make it simpler, make sure half your plate is 2 or 3 kinds of veggies, quarter of your plate is starch and the other quarter your proteins or meats. P.s you can always go for second helpings, no need to fill a mountain of food on your plate. 


Do home cooked meals and avoid take aways

– Moeznah Jacobs, RD (SA)

Home cooked saves you calories, fats and added sugars. Healthier cooking methods with that includes grilling, steaming, boiling, oven baking and yes, braaiing.


Pack whole wheat crackers with cheese, avo and tuna as toppings – A’esha Isaacs, RD (SA) 

With your beach/picnic snacks, you can add fresh fruit as well.

I think they all agree with my personal favorite which is to

Stay hydrated with water; limit the intake of fizzy drinks and fruit juices

– All Dietitians everywhere 

Not only will you save calories, you will also curb those unnecessary cravings daily.

As much as it is important to look after your physical health, dont forget to prioritize your mental health. Read that book, go to the beach and spend time with your loved ones.

The holidays are for resting so recharge properly both mentally and physically.

A final tip from us, stay safe and take care of one another 🙂


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