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Future 50 foods

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is not one of those “stick to these to make you better and skinny”  food lists. Nor is it a list of the most nutritious foods, instead it has the future of food production and food systems in mind to make sure the billions of people that will be on earth has access to good food.

The future 50 foods is relatively new and was established by knorr and the world wide fund for nature (WWF). Together they aim to  minimise the strain on the already burdened food systems and its production – this being a result of the population preferring to eating certain food groups (based on culture, country) and rarely migrating into the diversity of foods that remains.

They basically came up with sustainable foods that we can choose more of to make food production as well as the procuring and harvesting  more environmentally friendly, more accessible, acceptable and some times more affordable. With the future 50 foods in mind when you choose your next meal or when grocery shopping, you lessen the burden on food systems ensuring that food production will be able to continue for years and years to come. They did make it nutritious, although the food on this list is extremely foreign to me.

The future 50 food list is aimed at promoting plant-based foods (especially proteins) as well as driving the population to eat a more diverse variety of foods everyday. But let me be honest: it does not have in mind the lower socio-economic class (of which makes up a big part of the population) and some of these foods includes the leafs and the plant so if the store is not promoting future 50 foods, the general population will not get the beet leafs and pumpkin flowers to their dinner tables. The diversity of the different population groups is seemingly also not included within the future 50 food list.

Future 50 foods in a nutshell includes 

  • 13 Cereals, grains, tubers (Grows downward)
  • 12 beans, legumes, sprouts
  • 18 vegetables
  • 3 mushrooms
  • 4 nuts and seeds

Below is a link for a full future 50 food list

I need to commend both these platforms for thinking ahead when it comes to the future of the food system and production. Although there are a few of these foods already in our cupboards, I will however as usual just adjust and see where I can add my own future 50 food items 🙂

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