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Diets and Lifestyles

The debate surrounding these two topics seems to be never ending. But believe me when I tell you there is a spot for both of them in our lives (with the correct facts of course).

Diet is a word thrown around but hardly ever understood properly. a Diet is a special course of food a person takes which either restricts or removes a food group or specific nutrient from what they eat FOR MEDICAL REASONS. 

Take note that I put the most important part in capital letters. a Diet is what you will find in a hospital food service unit or if you have a allergy, intolerance or live with a chronic disease of lifestyle i.e diabetes or hypertension. Managing a specific disease condition is what diets are best for.

The key thing to remember is that diets restricts and removes, they have a time stamp on them, you have no freedom and is not sustainable.

The goal of a diet is to maintain and manage a disease condition.



Your lifestyle on the other hand, is the way you live daily expressed in both work and leisure activities.

In contrast to a diet, healthy lifestyles still gives you freedom to decide daily what to have, but with the intention to improve your health. Even without having a diagnosed medical condition.

Instead of restricting and removing specific food groups or nutrients, you decide on healthier alternatives for good health every day. The goal of a healthy lifestyle is to prevent rather than manage or cure a disease of lifestyle.

In a nutshell, diets are not a taboo topic but if you want a more sustainable and affordable way to keep your health in check, I strongly recommend thinking about making small lifestyle changes than following a diet.

Whatever you choose to do, let it always be for good health 🙂


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