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Why you could be struggling to lose weight

The year is 2019 and you have decided to make it your year for good health and losing weight. But it has been 3 months into the year and you are far from where you hoped you would be by now. Let me comfort you by saying you are not the only one.  I see and hear people complain daily about their struggle to lose weight and professionally speaking, here is some of the reasons why that just might be.

You have reached your body weight set point

You know when you have tried and been consistent in your eating habits and exercising but your body weight just won’t budge from that weight its been at for years? You have most likely reached your body weight set point. The theory is that our body’s are programmed to be at an optimal weight (or weight range) and once that weight is reached, it “fights” any changes to it including your healthy eating and exercising. In this case you need not to worry because your weight will most likely not be increasing soon as well.

Tip: Continue with your good habits and physical activity. In this case its more about maintaining that healthy lifestyle than losing weight.


You have too much information

Yes, there is such a thing as too much information. Especially in times like today where any and every bit of information is available at the swipe of your finger and in minutes. So you try multiple diets for years not thinking of the effects it has on your body. It really is just a cycle that starts up and because of that cycle, and when you at long last try better eating habits aimed at a healthier lifestyle, your body is slower to adjust to it.

Tip: Find a credible source that focuses on evidence based healthy lifestyle guidelines. It does not even have to be this website; it should just be credible and evidenced based.


Your metabolism needs a boost 

a Slow metabolism causes the body to use energy slower. And a slow energy use leads to slower weight loss. Disease conditions such as hypothyroidism and Diabetes also cause slow metabolism. On the other hand there are people born with a fast metabolism leading to a lot of energy use hence they can eat what they want and remain skinny. The other group of people are not so fortunate.

Tip: Exercise (especially cardio) is a good way to boost your metabolism. The recommendation is 30 minutes daily. Set meal and snack times daily also boosts metabolism.


Your snacks and Drinks is too high in energy

We all know that weight loss is actually maths where you subtract calories and divide your portions and carefully try not to tip the scale of that balance. Very often what we eat in-between, and sometimes drink with our meals throws everything off balance.

Tip:  If all else fails, fresh fruit and yogurt is my ultimate go to snacks. Here you will find more healthier snack options you can try.

There is also certain medical conditions that causes weight gain especially when you re started on steroid based medication – then in this case weight gain is unavoidable and losing the weight is also a bit of a struggle.

Bonus tip: 

Do what is best for you; reset your focus from the number on the scale to good health and wellbeing and remain focused on your own personal goals.


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