Whenever people hear green salad they immediately think boring and tasteless. Hopefully these salad friendly guidelines will make your next greensalad encounter a happy one.



You need 3 main ingredients to build a well balanced salad: a base, a protein and a extra veggie (or 2).


  • Is the salad greens/lettuce leafs
  • Chopped or tomato wedges
  • Chopped or sliced cucumber

Your base is what everything else will rest on and comes at the bottom.


  • Cooked and sliced chicken breast OR
  • 2 boiled eggs OR
  • Tuna OR
  • Chickpeas or Beans ( meatless option)

The chicken breast can be cooked and spiced to your preferance and preferably without any fats or cooking oil.

The tuna you can mix with Mayonnaise first if you prefer it that way.


Added Vegetable 

  • Cut corn
  • Sliced carrots
  • Chopped avocado

These can be the fresh or frozen. I prefer using frozen corn and just heating in the microwave and carrots fresh then just peeling and slicing them up.


Bonus salad benefits 

Salads are ideal for meal prepping. Make a big bowl of your salad of choice, add them in smaller containers and store them in the fridge. And see there, lunch for the week sorted.

It’s the perfect side dish to any main meal.

You get your daily serving of vegetables in one go.

And lastly, as we transition into summer, add fresh fruit like strawberries, apples, orange or peaches to the salad to make it a refreshing mid morning or afternoon snack.