These easy DIY spreads can be made at home with what you have stocked in the kitchen. Ok except maybe for the Chickpeas.

I turned some of my fave foods to eat in a spread for either on crackers, bread or if you controlling your carbs, having it on cucumber slices.

They are super easy to make and can be stored in the fridge for use on any given day.

And as a bonus, if your a beach bum like myself, it is super easy to pack with your other treats and snacks 🙂

Avo mash 

You finally have a use for overripe avo; and it’s full of good fats too.


Chickpea mash or Hummus 

Yes it’s a real word. If you struggle with getting in enoug fibre, this spread is perfect.


Chicken liver spread 


Fish spread 

The type of fish is not a issue here. Hake, Snoek, stokfish anyone you choose will make a good spread.


These are but a few pastes I’ve tried making. As soon as I’ve done more they will be added too!!