In our journey to become healthier, we need to try new things and explore as much as possible.

Here I will be uploading recipes for you to try out and vice versa. You are most welcome to comment or email any recipe suggestions you might have and remember #itsalifestyle

Please bare in mind I only cook for one so unless otherwise stated the recipe normally yields about 2-3 servings

All ingredients and brand names mentioned is not a ad. I simply use and buy what I love without any monetary or product influence from any brand mentioned.

breakfast ideas

Build a salad

Butternut and chickpea stew

Easy cheese platter

Easy fish starter

Easy omelet

Homemade spreads

Light lunch platter

Mango sorbet

plit pea soup

Tuna pasta salad

Tuna wrap

Veggie stir fry

Feel free to share your experience when trying these recipes or contact should you have any recipe suggestions.