Two of our favorites for breakfast that is always thought to be the same, has in actual fact some differences to them.

The basic staples used for both cereals and porridges are oats, rice and corn.


What sets it vastly apart from porridge is the fact that the main ingredient used undergoes extensive processing to be a cereal.

It is generally also made into other products I.e Cereal bars and has added ( and hidden )sugars and fats. For example rice; it is processed into a cereal and cereal bars.


On the other hand, porridge has less processing to it. It’s usually cooked before eating as opposed to just adding milk with your cereals. Alot of vitamins and minerals are saved because of fewer processing and has less added sugar.


Don’t be alarmed though, all South Africa’s maize is fortified (process of adding extra vitamins and minerals) with iron, folate, vitamin A and B vitamins so whether it’s cereal or porridge, you do get the nutrients.

Look out for those logos on products to make sure you get fortified starches.