Living well through good nutrition is one of the many things I love in life. I decided to share my personal healthy eating guidelines and I trust that it will also help you on your journey to becoming healthier.

With these guidelines, I strive to make healthier choices daily with my shopping, preparing meals and snacking as opposed to trying out a specific trend that is not sustainable.

Please take note these guidelines are for individuals with no medically diagnosed condition. 


This is the hardest guideline for me to follow. Mostly because sugar follows me everywhere I go.

Keep a lookout for them also in cereals and cereal snack bars.


Starches is very much still part of the eating habits. Keep the portions to 1 per main meal and snack daily.


This is a good way to fill up your plate and meal when you controlling that starch portions.

Another way to fill up your meal. I’m specifically trying to include it at breakfast as well to keep me fuller for longer. Avocados is also a good addition at breakfast

Again, carbs are not removed just controlled. Snacking on proteins, fats and fresh fruit is a way to replenish and build up with a good bunch of  vitamins and minerals.


Please guys you dont have to mix them together like a concoction! In my ‘no added sugar’ trip I started using honey for my tea; Garlic you can add to any dish for flavor. The fresher the better.

With the high saturated fat and salt content, you will do your body good if you eat them less. I prefer eating the white fleshed meats like chicken or fish.

Whether it’s in a salad, stew or on the side. You can never go wrong eating lentils, beans, chickpeas or split peas. .

These guidelines might not sound like much, or may even sound hard and harsh, but think of the long term health you will guarentee yourself in the future.


Not only will it be good for your physical health, the mental health benefits of resting enough and exercise is self explanatory.

The guidelines together with a 1 week meal plan is available for download to help you get started.

The meal plan helps you to start implementing these guidelines in your day to day life and is by no means an indication that you are forced to follow it.

1 Week Meal plan

Take note that this is only a guideline and represents only 1 week. The ultimate goal is to have you use what you have access to daily for a healthier lifestyle.