Where there is a need

there is a way


This is the basis of the community projects. To find ways to help those who need it most. There truly is no one place or community that can be singled out and said “oh they need it the most”, because the need is just too big.

But as MLife projects we will do our little bit regularly to make life and its raising costs and demand just a little bit easier for thoe who need it.

Our projects will be 100% based on needs we see of, hear of and witness daily. To find out more about how we started this division click here and hopefully it will inspire you to do more as well.

With everything being said, we also serve to be a platform where you can do good and donate!! Apart from the need for specific items, we do accept whatever it is you feel you don’t need anymore. Trust me we will find a way for your item.

Your previously loved items can be someone else’s treasure

Take a look at what we do as we recently had our first project called the Us Women project here Do Good brochure.

For more about how we interact in the community, click here. 

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