Regrow – To grow or cause to grow again

Yes, instead of planting the seeds in the soil, you either cut the base, use the stem or take the pit to grow the food again.

I especially love this because while I prepare the soil for my home garden, I can start to regrow whatever I can until its ready to be planted.

Added bonuses is that its eco- friendly and a way of living sustainable every day.

And who wouldn’t love saving on buying things like tomatoes, potatoes and carrots!!

Below is a few vegetables (old and new) I’m looking at trying this year.


Cut the base off, place in a container with water and wait for stems (green part) to regrow.

Plant in soil as normal.


The same applies for lettuce. Cut off the base, place it in a container with water and watch it grow.

Plant as normal

For this one you save the pit, let it dangle in a glass of water as in picture until the root starts to grow.

Plant as normal.


For this one you can use multiple slices in a bigger container. Just slice the tomato up, put it on top of the soil and watch it grow.


You use the stem of the herb in this case. Keep it in water until roots start to grow. Then plant as normal.


Similar to the avocado, but usingthe base of the sweet potato.


For both the avocado and sweet potato you will also need toothpicks. Or anything you have that you can re-use to keep it dangling.

Everything else is pretty much in your home already!!