All forms of health starts (and stays) in the mind. But maintaining mental health is the one thing I often forget until it becomes too overwhelming.

So, I decided to share what I do (as frequent as possible) to keep a good mind.


1. Avoid negative vibes 

For me personally this is something I will do everyday. And in just doing this, I think mentally everything else will not look so big and  challenging. P.s if your gut tells you the vibe is bad, trust.


2. Do a well loved hobby 

For me its reading first, then going to the beach. I call it the 2 B’s of life – books and beaches. While I cant get to the beach as often as I would like, books is something I do everyday.


3. Eat foods that’s good for your brain 

These include nuts, avocado, fish, berries and in my personal opinion, any fresh foot and vegetable. Avoid too much sugar as it will literally make your brain (and ultimately your body) tired.


4. Do 30 minutes physical activity daily

Any form of exercise will do. Physical activity lets your brain receive oxygen and lots of it. Again to keep it thriving and prevent it from becoming tired. Yea, there is such a thing as a tired brain.


5. Rest and unplug frequently 

One tends to unplug and rest only after everything is done and you feel beyond tired and burned out.

Try taking breaks in between your busy schedule and school deadlines. It is possible. You decide when you do what so start deciding when your breaks need to happen.

Try one (if you dont have your own) for 21 days and thereafter add another.