This habit is one that gives me the weird eye daily. Not only does culture and upbringing influence our choices in this regard daily, it is often also what causes us to think twice before making a choice between our rice and roast potatoes.

The guidelines 

  • Starchy vegetables is a good filler on your plate.
  • Load stews and salads with fresh vegetables or lentils instead of potatoes
  • If potatoes is used in the stew, replace the rice with couscous
  • Keep fresh fruits, yogurt and peanuts or snack of choice always in stock (because you know, munchies)
  • Choose complex starches with wholegrains and fibre as your starch of choice
  • Make that starch is only 1\4 of your plate when dishing up
  • Portion distortion is real, take a doggy bag home when eating out, swop your chips for the optional veggies or share your meal with a friend.

As always we will keep track of our habits and follow ups will be done.

Happy habit change : )