I have always been one to believe that you cannot expect a different result by doing the same thing. And in life and health our (daily) habits plays the most important role.

So in my attempt to do things differently I tried habit tracking. Where you basically keep track of and monitor the habit you want to improve, change or remove by applying the change daily.

I started with my sugar habits because let me be honest, me and sugar have a love hate relationship. Keyword here being love. But I also know that too much of it is not good so I had to take control of it or it would have controlled me and that’s when I changed my sugar habit by tracking it.

Personally I found a sense of accountability towards keeping track daily; and should I fail to do my healthier habit and have a look at my habit monitoring tool, I would pull up my socks and attempt at it again.

Trust me. This was no walk in the park and it took multiple attempts but I’m glad to say that my sugar habits are under control. At least 90% of the time.

But that’s enough rambling on about my (now good) sugar habits. Here you will find a habit monitoring tool and what I learnt from it. The habit I did this time around was stretching/moving more daily.

Even thought it only goes for 21 days, you can continue on until you feel comfortable that your habit has been changed.

Feel free to comment or share your own habits and how you managed to change them. Lets all learn a and help each other together 🙂