My water intake usually takes a plunge come autumn and winter. So this is a constant work in progress for me personally.

With its many benefits including good skin, well functioning body processes and to a certain extent controlling appetite, drinking water should not be (as in my case) a seasonal happening.

Ways to drink more water daily

  • Have a water bottle – fill up and keep water bottles in your fridge; more than that take it with you wherever you go as well.
  •  Keep it visible – keep your water bottle in view and vision to remind yourself of actually drinking it.
  • Advocate for a water dispenser at work and have it close to the office area.
  • Flavored water is not a better option – water must be still or alternatively fresh fruit and veggies such cucumber, lemon or strawberries can be added to give it a naturally sweeter taste.


Here is what you can snack on daily as well to increase your daily water intake

As usual feel free to share some of your tips to drinking water daily, but these should be a good start!!