If there is ever a more popular reason someone struggles to keep with their healthy eating, it is that they don’t have time. Luckily there are some minimalistic ways for you to still have time and be healthy.


1. Have a meal plan 

For anything in life one has to have a plan – your food and meals should be no different. It cuts shopping time and time spent on wondering what’s for dinner in half.


2. Do pre-preperations the night before 

Whether it’s defrosting or chopping to be done. Defrost overnight in you fridge and try buying vegetable that is already chopped or require little to no pre-preperation.


3. Do cook it slowly

If you are lucky enough to have a slow cooker, use it. Add your ingredients the morning or night before and continue with your meal after work when most of the cooking is done. Also see  Slow cooking for further information.


4. List, List, and list

Lists keeps us organized and on the right track. Whether you need to make a run to the grocery store or list down some recipes, make use of lists to get things done in an organizing manner which will save you time by not scrambling for what is needed.


5. Befriend your freezer

Freezing is a good way to reduce food wastage and at the same time, build up a stash of go-to-meals when time really is not on your side. Freeze any leftover meals (after cooled down) like stews, pastas or casseroles for a rainy day. Fresh fruit can also be chopped and frozen for Smoothie drinking days.

Please make sure you use tight lid containers or Zip loc bags that tighten and close properly.