This is a habit one hardly ever has time for. So the problem is not doing it, finding the time to do it is what I found my issue is.

And with benefits such as good oxygen flow, stress relief and overall feeling of goodness (because you know, endorphins), I decided that physical activity is a must. No matter how small.

Ways to do more everyday

  • Get stepping – it’s been proven that taking more than 10 000 steps daily is good for your heart. Let’s st the goal move more and 6000 steps to start with.
  • Spring in your clean – Take your weekly (or each time ) spring clean as a opportunity to move more by putting extra effort in the movements.
  • When you are at work – stretch your legs every 2 – 3 hours and walk around.
  • Start small – You are not training for a marathon here; start at your own pace, with your own plan, with what you enjoy doing. Whether it’s swimming, running, walking or going to the gym.
  • Take a walk – Try walking small distances instead of driving or taking public transport (see point number one).

I personally start with doing stretches in the morning. Not yoga just a basic full body stretch to get the oxygen going. The fact that I have dance rehearsals twice a week does help me moving more. Especially on weekends.

Ultimately I aim to do 30 minutes daily, adding a 10 minutes quick cardio (I love cardio) will bring my move more total to 20 minutes. We taking baby steps.

Small sustainable changes for good long term health.