Added sugar is just what it says, any sugar that you add yourself daily by what you eat and drink. And trust me, this is a personal struggle for me as well.

But, I have found that once you have your sugar habits under control, you allow your body to make natural energy and the the tired feeling of the constant sugar rush you are feeding eventually goes away. And that for me is winning the sugar battle.

Below follows guidelines to assist you in reducing your added sugar intake

  1. Put one level teaspoon of sugar in tea’s and coffees.
  2. DO NOT add sugar to specialty coffees like cappuccinos, latte’s or hot chocolate drinks.
  3. Drink no fizzy drinks or fruit juice. Even if its 100% fruit juice. Try limiting sugar free drinks as well.
  4. Do not add sugar to vegetables such as butternut, pumpkin, sweet potatoes or gem squash.
  5. Be on the look out for hidden sugars in food items. They include names like glucose, fructose, concentrates, honey and corn syrup.
  6. Avoid rewarding yourself with sugary treats like muffins, sweets, cake or biscuits.
  7. Swap sweetened yogurt for plain and add muesli, granola or fresh fruit if the plain taste is not palatable for you yet.

So, with these guidelines you should be able to start your habit change towards a healthy lifestyle.

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