I usually fail in making omelets, they either come out scrambled or more like a flat bread.

But I’ve seen and learnt first hand from a fellow food lover some tricks on how to get your omelets right.

Following is the ingredients and recipe for you to try.


Ingredients ( Serves 5 ) 

10 eggs, scrambled

Diced bacon ( already cooked)

Grated cheddar or parmesan cheese

Sliced tomatoes

Canola oil ( 5 ml per egg)

Salt and pepper to taste



These steps are followed per omelet

  1. Add the oil to a heated pan
  2. Using a soup ladle, scoop one and a half of the egg into the heated pan with oil.
  3. Add salt and pepper
  4. Wait until one side is done before flipping it over
  5. Once flipped, add sliced tomatoes, cheese and diced bacon. 2 Tablespoons cheese is enough
  6. Watch and wait until the other side is cooked

Remember to add your trimmings only to one half of the egg in the pan, since it is going to be folded over.

If you prefer to keep it open, you can spread ingredients out a bit.

For vegetarian option, substitute the bacon with mushrooms.

Best enjoyed with fresh fruit salad or sliced avo on the side.