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Doing good and mental health

I recently launched a MLife project called us women. Focussing on assisting women in need of toiletries and other feminine hygiene products. Why I chose this specifically is women in single households tend to look after the kids and makes sure everyone else is sorted out first; many of these women, who are also head up the household.  

What made me actively do something is when  a client in the clinic I worked at needed to be admitted to hospital and she had no toiletries and hygiene products to take with her. And this was just a day I happen to be witness of this, upon asking the staff they said it was a regular occurrence. So I decided to be pro-active about it and do something and us women was born. Its called us women because as women we need  to look out for each other and help in any way possible. 

To be doing good deeds

is man’s most glorious task

Doing good can have a positive effect on your own mental health and well being by reducing stress, improving your mood, self-esteem and general feeling of happiness. A lot of ailments is aggravated by stress, so if doing good can reduce that, why not.

Doing random (well this not so random) acts of kindness releases energy so we feel better; it reduces pain because through kind behaviour dopamine and serotonin (thoe feel good hormones) is released; bonds between people get strengthened which in turn is good for social well-being. 

And interestingly enough, just witnessing acts of kindness will already improve your mood and release the feel good hormones to give you that “happy-high”. 

But in this case I do not just want you to be a witness, I would love for you to donate as well. Any product, in any amount. Even just one tube of toothpaste can dignify a women. With your donations they will be able to be presentable for a job interview or better yet, feel good when going to work. 

The donations will go to a home within the community. And although its the first project, I will definitely have more in the future because the goal is to be sustainable resource to the community. 

To get involved visit the MLifestyle Facebook page or see the Do Good brochure for more information and details. 

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